The NREA represents the collective interests of one municipal utility, six rural electric cooperatives, and two power districts and their consumers across Nevada. Five NREA members are based in Nevada while four serve consumers in Nevada but have headquarters in the adjacent states of Idaho, Utah, Oregon, and California.

NREA utility members have no profit motive when setting rates. Cooperatives allocate net revenues back to the “Owner/Members” as capital credits, either refunded by check or utility bill credit on a pro-rata basis. For Public Utility Districts and Municipalities, net revenues are returned to the consumer manifested in lower rates or lower taxes.

Electric Cooperatives pay state and local sales and property taxes, are 501c organizations, and exempt from federal income taxes. Municipalities and Power Districts are tax exempt. Local, democratically elected boards are the foundation, strength, and point of differentiation of our not-for-profit operations. Their fundamental strategic plans stem from their missions to provide safe, reliable, and lowest cost electric service for the owner-members whom they serve.