NREA utility members are proponents of renewable/carbon free generation resources and work to increase transmission access to make renewable generation more feasible for their owners-members/consumers.

As independent electric utilities, each NREA utility Board has approached investment in renewable/carbon-free energy resources separately by securing long-term hydro-generation PPA’s with the Federal Government.  (WAPA/CRC, BPA, Hoover Dam)


  • Lincoln County Power District #1 – Nevada’s first community solar project in 2016.
  • Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative, as a member of a generation and transmission cooperative, has ownership in a landfill gas-plant generation facility.
  • Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative owns a combined heat and power co-generation facility.
  • Wells Rural Electric and Mt. Wheeler each have additional small and separate local hydroelectric generators integrated with their generation portfolios.
  • Surprise Valley owns a geothermal power plant.

Currently, over 65% of the combined electricity purchases by NREA utility members are from renewable/carbon-free sources such as hydroelectric dams, wind turbines, solar panels, landfill gas and nuclear power plants.


  • NREA utility members support the development of renewable energy generation on both sides of the meter, which include net metering policies that provide energy credits on the monthly bill, or, with a direct payment.
  • Overton, Plumas-Sierra, Boulder City, Lincoln County, and Mt. Wheeler all provide rebates for small solar and other renewable/carbon-free installations.

RENEWABLE ENERGY (Demonstration Projects)

  • Wheeler Power Company and Overton Power District have installed solar demonstration projects in addition to ground source heating and cooling systems at their offices.
  • These demonstration projects allow consumers to see first-hand the benefits and feasibility of installing renewable energy systems in their homes and businesses.
  • Wells Rural Electric and Plumas-Sierra heat and cool their headquarters with geothermal systems.