NREA’s member-utilities serve communities throughout the state of Nevada. This map represents the service territories of our members. Boulder City Municipal Utility serves the Boulder City community in the southern part of the state; Harney Electric Cooperative is headquartered in Oregon and also provides electricity to part of Humboldt County in Northwest Nevada; Lincoln County Power District provides electricity to Lincoln County in Southern Nevada along the Utah-Nevada border and the Coyote Springs area in Clark County; Mt. Wheeler Power is based in Ely, NV, and provides electricity to the rural parts of Central Nevada along the Utah-Nevada border, including Eureka and into Western Utah; Overton Power District No. 5’s service area encompasses the Northeast quadrant of Clark County, Nevada, which includes the City of Mesquite and the unincorporated towns of Bunkerville, Glendale, Logandale, Moapa, and Overton; Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative is based in California and services part of Washoe County in Western Nevada; Raft River Electric delivers power to members in Idaho, Utah and Northeastern Nevada; Surprise Valley Electrification Corporation serves members in California, Oregon and the northwest corner on Nevada in Washoe County; Wells Rural Electric provides service to members in Carlin, Wells, West Wendover and surrounding rural areas in Northeastern Nevada and Wendover, Utah.