The Nevada Rural Electric Association (NREA) was founded in 1974 to represent the collective interests of one municipal utility, six rural electric cooperatives and three power districts and their consumers across Nevada. Five NREA members are based in Nevada while four serve consumers in Nevada but have headquarters in the adjacent states of Idaho, Utah, Oregon and California.

The NREA collaborates with national and regional affiliates and provides a forum within which rural utilities communicate and work together to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Our purpose is to power communities with safe, reliable and affordable electricity, and empower consumers to improve the quality of their lives.

NREA Advocates for consumers with national and state legislators, agencies, local governments and like-minded associations about the importance of the services our utility members provide. NREA utility members also provide programs to educate the public and youth about public power and to promote participation in the democratic process of local board elections.

Key Numbers

Utility Members: 9

Nevada Consumers: 41,562

Employees: 266

Elected Directors: 68

Renewable/Carbon-Free Portfolio: 65 percent

Nevada Service Territory: 48,216 square miles

Load: 2.7 million megawatt-hours